About Us

Tangent Company bridges the gap between people and the environment in their locality. We are a leader in on-site water treatment for homes, and facilities not connected to centralized municipal infrastructure. We believe individuals have a responsibility to clean, re-use, and return water to the environment in a condition better than how they found it.

Products of Tangent Company provide very high quality water. We have adapted leading edge treatment technologies to enable home owners, commercial businesses and other remote locations to treat, re-use and safely discharge domestic wastewater. We offer the Tangent WaterCycle® that transforms domestic wastewater into highly purified drinking water, and the Tangent LandSaver® MBR Wastewater Purifier septic system that replaces conventional and aerated septic systems. Effluent water from the LandSaver® MBR is pure enough to re-use in non-drinking water applications such as irrigation and toilet flushing.

As a testimonial to its leadership in on-site water treatment, a WaterCycle® system has been operating in Ohio since 2012 as the only off-grid, completely closed loop direct potable reuse (DPR) system in the United States. The private water system was commissioned with oversight from the Ohio Department of Health. Performance was independently verified by representatives from the Ohio EPA, the CDC, NSF, the WateReuse organization and a panel of industry experts.