Three Best-In-Class Treatment Sub-Systems

WaterCycle® systems integrate three sub-systems that transform domestic wastewater into highly purified water that can be used for drinking and other non-potable uses. The technologies can be used together or independently based on end-use water application. The sub-systems include:

  • Domestic Wastewater Reclaim
  • Advanced Purification
  • Purified Water Storage

WaterCycle® systems are highly automated and require only periodic instrument calibrations, chemical replenishments and filter swap-outs. Systems are currently pre-engineered for between 500 and 2,500 gallons-per-day of water use.

Domestic Wastewater Reclaim

Domestic wastewater is comprised of all residual water streams from human use including toilet water, shower water, sinks, kitchen and laundry. The term ‘wastewater’ is a misnomer since this water can be economically returned to a purified form, even without sending it to a municipal treatment plant.

The LandSaver® MBR Wastewater Purifier is the first stage of a process that returns domestic used water to a re-usable purity. It first captures used water in a primary settling chamber and separates solids and oil and grease. The resulting liquid stream then flows into an equalization chamber. The equalization chamber controls flow to a treatment chamber that houses a membrane biological reactor or MBR.

MBRs are state-of-the-art technology used by sophisticated municipal wastewater treatment plants. Tangent has simplified the technology for homes and other facilities in remote locations. The technology uses aeration to help micro-organisms breakdown organic matter and nutrients into basic elements of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. The MBR also uses very fine Ultrafiltration to remove sub-micron particles. This pre-treated wastewater can now be fed into downstream purification equipment for reuse purposes. Approval of on-site wastewater treatment systems are state specific in the United States.  Contact Tangent Company for approval status in you locality.

Advanced Water Purification

Tangent has demonstrated a commercial on-site closed loop system that converts domestic wastewater into highly purified drinking water. The WaterCycle® process begins with the LandSaver® MBR – described above – that pre-treats wastewater which is then fed into an Advanced Purification Appliance.

This Appliance incorporates five treatment steps that assure safety of highly purified water. These steps utilize proven technologies that are the industry standard in multi-barrier approaches for direct potable reuse (DPR). They include additional membrane ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection/advanced oxidation, conditioning, and chlorination. Treatment units are maintained through automated flushing and cleaning. The WaterCycle® incorporates patented control logic that is the result of over ten years of R&D and extensive field testing. Thirty online sensors constantly monitor system operation, water quality, and initiate ‘fail-safe responses. They provide alerts and sub-system shutdowns if needed in response to any issues detected.

The Advanced Purification Appliance was designed to meet the rigorous safety standards for DPR, but the system can be modified for recycle of greywater including shower, laundry and rainwater runoff. It extracts salts, microorganisms and chemicals including pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Purified Water Storage

Once water is purified in a closed-loop system it needs to be monitored for safety until used. The WaterCycle® automatically monitors and maintains a reserve of highly purified water, which is suitable for all domestic uses including drinking. This water storage sub-system consists of monitoring, temperature control, and maintenance of residual chlorination.

A finished water storage tank is sized based on anticipated water use requirements. It can be buried or installed in a building.

Completing the Picture

A closed loop system that produces the highest quality water, conserves water resources and helps the environment

WaterCycle® systems integrate operation of three best-in-class treatment sub-systems to reduce dependence on external water supplies by 90%, and eliminate discharges of domestic wastewater.

Rather than discharging wastewater to a sewer or to the ground through a septic system, wastewater is treated for solids removal and natural biological breakdown of organic materials and nutrients into their basic elements – carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.

A very clean water stream is further treated in an Advanced Purification Appliance that applies membrane filtration and sterilization sub-process that go beyond typical municipal drinking water treatment to remove or destroy remaining impurities including pharmaceuticals and hygiene products. Water is refined to a very high level of purity.

Purified water is automatically monitored for quality in a reservoir that supplies water for everyday use.  Users benefit from a renewable water resource that exceeds regulated EPA standards by utilizing technologies used by the most sophisticated water bottling plants.

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