Worry Free Maintenance

Unique to the LandSaver® MBR are its Ultrafiltration Unit with self-cleaning and self-monitoring abilities. An air scour operates continuously to knock debris from the filter. The debris that falls to the bottom of the Unit is pumped back to the Primary Tank. A patented air scour manifold assures cleaning of the entire filter surface.

A built-in sensing device detects if the filter requires a service call for a cleaning, and turns on a maintenance light. This light comes on in plenty of time to schedule a technician visit. Many other types of septic systems simply shut down when service is required without providing adequate notification.


  • Routine bi-annual check-up
  • Annual pump out of solids from the Primary Tank
  • Built-in performance log informs technician about any recent events
  • No heavy lifting or disassembly to maintain Ultrafilter
  • Easy access for service technician to all system components

The LandSaver® MBR Ultrafilter is self-monitoring and self-cleaning. It can be serviced in place by a technician, and if needed the Ultrafiltration Unit can be easily removed through the Aeration/Ultrafiltration Tank manhole.

LandSaver® MBR Advantages

Safest Effluent – Minimizes Risk of Exposure to Fecal Bacteria or Viruses

Saves Land and Money – Reduces Footprint Up to 40%

Easy, Non-intrusive Installation – Installs in One Day, Overcomes Challenging Lots