Saves Land and Money

High Quality Effluent Makes All the Difference

Spray dispersal is non-intrusive and saves up to 40% of the yard space needed by leach fields.

Availability of disinfected, re-use quality water from a domestic wastewater treatment system that is safe for surface discharge makes alternative dispersal systems such as surface spray systems a best practice. Spray systems require only 60% of the yard space of conventional leach fields. They do not require that a yard be torn up and trees removed to accommodate an extensive underground piping system. They allow for much more flexibility and greater aesthetics in landscape design, and can be installed during winter months. A high quality spray system can be installed for less than half the cost of a leach field.

A spray system works like a sophisticated sprinkler system. Wastewater is collected and treated during the day, and discharged at night by spraying onto a controlled area. Incorporating filtration into the treatment system is important to prevent spray heads from clogging. Specially designed non-freezing spray devices are now available.

Eliminates Mounds and Leach Fields

The LandSaver® MBR eliminates the need for wastewater dispersal mounds.

Construction of above ground sand and gravel mounds are often considered the most viable effluent dispersal solution to challenging lots where poor draining soils, high water table and rocky ground can limit land parcel development. Mounds can double installation costs and time, and are usually unsightly and intrusive to landscaping. The LandSaver® MBR can be placed anywhere in the yard, and when paired with a quality spray dispersal system is always a better alternative that does not require extensive digging, tree removal or as much dedicated dispersal space.

The LandSaver® MBR replaces the need for unsightly mounds, costly drip systems and extensive leach fields. When paired with a spray dispersal system, installations costs such as trenching, leach field piping, and sand and gravel are eliminated. In addition, land dedicated to effluent discharge is reduced by up to 40%.

Allows Development of Difficult Land Parcels

Often, soil and land configuration is not conducive to the installation of leach fields. The LandSaver® MBR overcomes conditions such as these that make it difficult to develop property where a conventional septic system is needed.

  • Shallow water table
  • Poor draining soils such as clay
  • Rocky ground
  • Uneven topography
  • Small lot sizes
  • Sensitive habitats

LandSaver® MBR Advantages

Safest Effluent – Minimizes Risk of Exposure to Fecal Bacteria or Viruses

Easy, Non-intrusive Installation – Installs in One Day, Overcomes Challenging Lots

Worry Free Maintenance – Self-cleaning and Monitoring, Simple to Service