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Septic Treatment Just Got Better

The LandSaver® MBR removes fecal bacteria from septic system discharge down to non-detectable levels.  It is rated for unrestricted surface application, which means the effluent can be safely dispersed above ground in areas were human contact is expected.  There is a clear difference in effluent quality when compared with conventional or other aerated septic systems.  Visit the website to learn more.

The LandSaver® MBR protects property owners, neighbors and the environment by assuring full treatment before septic effluent is discharged.  Other systems typically rely on the ground to complete the treatment.   

MBR -Ultrafilter Unit

The LandSaver® MBR incorporates an advanced piece of treatment technology called a Membrane Biological Reactor or MBR. MBRs are state-of-the-art technology used by sophisticated municipal wastewater treatment plants. Tangent has simplified the technology for homes and other remote locations. The technology uses both aeration to help micro-organisms breakdown organic matter, and a very fine Ultrafiltration Barrier to remove sub-micron particles before water is discharged.

Removing these particles allows disinfection technology to do its work effectively. The Tangent system is equipped with UV light to kill bacteria and deactivate viruses. UV light is able to penetrate clear filtered effluent much more effectively than unfiltered effluent typical of most conventional systems. Removing bacteria and viruses makes water much safer to discharge.

In addition, sending highly filtered, treated water to the distribution system has three benefits:

  • The distribution system will not plug; replacement is expensive
  • The quality is much more suitable for surface discharge including spray
  • The system will not fail health department or EPA inspections

Will never overflow

The LandSaver® MBR Ultrafiltration Unit cannot release unwanted septic into the yard. This can occur with conventional systems designed to overflow when water use exceeds capacity. The Tangent system incorporates an Equalization Tank that collects household water during periods of heavy use and holds it until it can be treated. This Equalization Tank not only prevents backups, but also improves treatment performance. It is part of a system that does not release untreated sewage leading to distribution system plugging and failed performance inspections.

The LandSaver® MBR is available in a plastic or concrete tank configuration. Call Tangent Company for approval status in your locality.

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LandSaver® MBR Advantages

Safest Effluent – Minimizes Risk of Exposure to Fecal Bacteria or Viruses

Saves Land and Money – Reduces Footprint Up to 40%

Easy, Non-intrusive Installation – Overcomes Hurdles of Challenging Lots

Worry Free Maintenance – Self-cleaning and Monitoring, Simple to Service

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