Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Below are some common WaterCycle® related questions. Contact Us today if you have others.

Are there other companies that offer a product similar to the WaterCycle®?
No. There are a handful of companies that offer greywater reuse systems, but none with systems that purify domestic wastewater making it suitable for all uses including drinking.

What are the installation differences between a WaterCycle® system and greywater reuse systems?
A WaterCycle® system allows for a ‘one pipe in, one pipe out’ installation. There is no need for complex dual plumbing, which tends to reduce building complications.

How efficient is the WaterCycle® process in terms of water recovery?
The WaterCycle® process is very efficient, recovering up to 90% of the recycled water. The exact percentage depends on the nature of the water usage, but for most installations the lost volume can simply be made up with rainwater.

How much upkeep is required by the user(s) of a WaterCycle® system?
WaterCycle® systems are mostly hands-off. Routine servicing and troubleshooting, as necessary, is completed by a qualified service technician. This would be covered under an all-inclusive service contract, which can include remote monitoring.

Are there any other benefits to installing a WaterCycle® system?
Yes! WaterCycle® systems provide a sustainable water supply that is free of pesticides and industrial pollutants. They are also environmentally friendly – WaterCycle® systems reduces waste and nutrient discharge to the local surroundings.

How much does a WaterCycle® system cost?
The cost of a WaterCycle® system depends primarily on the installation requirements and the number of people that it serves. This is true for both the equipment and operational costs. Contact Us today to speak with a representative about your closed-loop water recycling project.