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WaterCycle® System Overview

WaterCycle® systems utilize proven technologies that are the industry standard in multi-barrier treatment approaches to recycling domestic wastewater for drinking and other uses.

An independent panel of experts from leading national U.S. and Canadian water organizations was contracted by the Ohio Department of Health to provide feedback on treatment design, testing protocols, and collected data from a WaterCycle® Direct Potable Reuse pilot system in Ohio.   Following a full review completed in 2014, a permit was granted by the Ohio Department of Health for supervised direct potable reuse at the facility, which then became the first fully operational on-site Direct Potable Reuse system in the U.S.

Why Choose a WaterCycle® System?

Closed-loop water recycling provides an economical water supply for remote homes and facilities that lack municipal infrastructure. Whether for non-potable or potable use, water of the highest quality can be produced continuously by cleaning, purifying and recycling limited water resources. It is especially economic if water is being trucked in to or out, extensions of municipal infrastructure are being contemplated, or water security is an issue. Recycling water from known sources assures water quality and supply, improves resiliency, and creates self-sufficiency.

Closed-loop water recycling is ideal for single family homes, truck stops, rest room facilities, parks, campgrounds and offices considering net zero water usage projects. It is also a potential solution for government agencies and other organizations with water supply and wastewater disposal issues, or organizations interested in green infrastructure solutions.

WaterCycle® System and Sub-systems

WaterCycle® systems integrate three sub-systems that transform domestic wastewater into highly purified water that can be used for drinking and other non-potable uses. The technologies can be used together or independently based on end-use water application. They include:

  • Domestic Wastewater Reclaim
  • Advanced Purification
  • Purified Water Storage

System Performance

Extensive performance testing has verified 20-log reduction for Cryptosporidium, total coliform bacteria and enteric viruses. The highly purified water produced by the WaterCycle® meets regulated microbiological and chemical drinking water standards, and unregulated contaminants of concern (pharmaceutical and personal care product residuals) are reduced to undetectable levels.

A water safety plan approach was used to guide development of the Watercycle®, with significant emphasis on accurate and precise process monitoring and control.


A Watercycle® system operating at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy Headquarters in Moreland Hills, Ohio is the longest running Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) system in the United States. A three year pilot program was supervised by the Ohio Department of Health. Its operating data led to legislation allowing recycled wastewater as a drinking water source for private water systems.

The Watercycle® system routinely provides drinking water for employees and guests at large events. The headquarters building, built in 2012, is not connected to municipal infrastructure. An uncertain supply of well water, and the buildings location in an environmentally sensitive area with poor draining soil led to use of the Tangent technology as a solution to allow development of the facility.

Closed-loop water recycling is a solution for remote site development of properties with development challenges and no municipal infrastructure.

A full Case Study is available upon request.

Project Development

The WaterCycle® process applies to many types of building-scale or stand-alone facility water recycling projects – from reclamation for irrigation to closed-loop potable and non-potable applications.

A WaterCycle® system can be a cost-effective pilot solution for green building designers and municipalities wanting to better understand DPR technology. It is currently pre-engineered and optimized for 500 to 2,500 gallon per day water use requirements.

Preliminary Assessment and Regulatory Process Support

Closed-loop recycling of building water is in its infancy as a means to conserve and provide extremely high quality water to a building.  Each State has its own rules and processes for obtaining a project permit.

Tangent is ready to help you define your project scope and navigate any required permitting.

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