Easy, Non-intrusive Installation

Designed to be Installed in One Day

The LandSaver™ MBR is designed for installation ease and flexibility. It is a three-chamber system that can be installed in either lightweight plastic or more traditional concrete tanks. It includes an optional integrated UV unit that eliminates installation of an additional chamber to add disinfection. Controls are pre-wired for UV and spray system hook-up and include self-monitoring and self-cleaning features.


  • Capacity: 600 gallons per day
  • Power: 230 VAC single phase
  • Electrical: 4-wire, double pull breaker

Simple, Plastic Tank Configuration

Lightweight plastic tanks allow for fast installation with no heavy lifting equipment.

In a plastic tank configuration, the Primary Tank and Equalization Tank are set together and fed by gravity with wastewater from the building. The Aeration/Ultrafiltration Tank, which contains the Ultrafiltration Unit, is fed with pumped effluent from the Equalization Tank and has a pumped return to the Primary Tank. If necessary, this tank can be separated from the others and does not require leveling. Tanks are delivered to site fully assembled, and only require simple interconnections, installation of the riser and lid, positioning of the blower housing, and connection of the prewiring to the control panel. Infiltrator brand tanks are pictured. Alternative tanks are available.

Tank Volume Tank Dimensions Excavated Hole Dimensions

500 gallon each:

   Primary Tank

   Equalization Tank

  Aerobic/Ultrafiltration Tank

62 inch width

65 inch length

80 inch to 98 inch width

83 inch to 101 inch length

Traditional Concrete Tank

Tangent Company provides concrete tank dimensions for pre-casting by distributors/assemblers. Three separated chambers allow for primary collection, equalization and aeration/filtration. The LandSaver™ MBR Ultrafiltration Unit is housed in the third chamber.

Available for Distributors and Assemblers as a Set of Core Equipment

Included are:

  • Plastic or concrete tank design specifications
  • Ultrafiltration Unit with optional integrated UV disinfection
  • Aerobic media
  • Air scour pump and blower housing
  • Self-monitoring controller and wiring including hook-up for UV and (spray) dispersal system

Distributors or Assemblers provide:

  • 2 – submersible pumps – 110VAC, 1/3hp, 35GPM or equivalent
  • 2 – float switches – one normally open and one normally closed
  • Plumbing connections between tanks
    • Flexible PVC, SCH 40 PVC, or direct burial HDPE depending on assembler preference
  • Hardware for assembly – stainless steel screws, stainless clamps, etc.
  • 1 – 1,500 gallon, three chamber, concrete tank, or 3 – 500 gallon plastic tanks

LandSaver™ MBR Advantages

Safest Effluent – Minimizes Risk of Exposure to Fecal Bacteria or Viruses

Saves Land and Money – Reduces Footprint Up to 40%

Worry Free Maintenance – Self-cleaning and Monitoring, Simple to Service