Safest Effluent

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The LandSaver™ MBR incorporates state-of-the-art treatment processes including equalization of surge flows and advanced membrane filtration to consistently remove bacteria and suspended solids. Tangent’s on-site sewage treatment system produces an effluent with extremely low levels of fecal matter, virus, organic matter (BOD), and solids (TSS). Other systems do not. Any particles that pass through the LandSaver™ membrane are sub-micron size which is smaller than bacteria. They will never clog downstream effluent distribution equipment.

LandSaver™ MBR Performance Compared with Conventional Septic System Requirements

 LandSaver™ MBR   Field Test Results NSF 40 Standard   for Aerated systems Conventional Septic   Typical Performance
Fecal Bacteria (E.coli)Not detectable < 10,000 CFU/100 ml < 1,000,000 CFU/100 ml
Organic Matter (Biolochemical Oxygen Demand – cBOD)< 5mg/l< 25 mg/l< 250 mg/l
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)< 1 mg/l< 30 mg/l< 100 mg/l

Unlike conventional septic and NSF-40 standard aerated systems, the LandSaver™ MBR consistently meets the ammonia-nitrogen standard for off-lot discharge (NPDES). The system also exceeds stringent California Title 22 Reuse Water Requirements including:

  • Turbidity < 0.2 NTU – which greatly enhances UV performance
  • 99.9999% virus reduction

Performance is Rated Based on Field Tests

In many states, septic system equipment is approved based on tests conducted in controlled conditions in a laboratory by independent organizations such as the National Sanitation Foundation or NSF. The starting effluent is municipal wastewater that is a blend of residential, commercial and storm water. The testing runs the risk of not reflecting conditions an on-site septic system encounters. Also, the results are typically stated as average performance, which does not take into account that systems without filtration or equalization release contaminants during overflow conditions caused by periods of heavy water usage.

Tangent’s performance data listed above is the result of field testing that was monitored by an independent engineering company and is being reported to state health departments to gain approval. The reported data reflects absolute performance during the testing period, and is not based on averages of high and low performance.

LandSaver™ MBR Advantages

Saves Land and Money – Reduces Footrpint Up to 40%

Easy, Non-intrusive Installation – Installs in One Day, Overcomes Challenging Lots

Worry Free Maintenance – Self-cleaning and Monitoring, Simple to Service